The Board of Athletics South Africa has appointed a three member Ad Hoc Committee to probe the status and role of Corporate Clubs.




This sub-committee, made of Board Members James Moloi, Dorah Mngwevu and Motlatsi Keikabile, has already begun its work and will compile its final report in March 2017 which will thereafter, be submitted to the ASA Council at the next Annual General Meeting to rule on.




The mandate of the committee will be to investigate the justification and eligibility of Corporate Clubs including the following areas of concern:




  1. Do Corporate Clubs adhere to the Domicile Rules?

  2. Can Corporates operate across provincial borders?

  3. Can Corporate Clubs use the same colours in more than one Province?

  4. Can the Corporate Clubs have the same name in more than one Province?

  5. Can the name of the Corporate be used as the name of the club?

  6. Do Corporate Clubs have an unfair advantage on Community Clubs?

  7. If a Corporate is allowed to function as Corporate Club what are the defining Rules and where do they register?

  8. If allowed, should the registration fee of a Corporate Club be the same as for a Community Club?




“The above are only a few of the points that the Ad Hoc Committee must deliberate on in assisting them in their work,” explained Aleck Skhosana, the President of ASA.




“We are concerned about Corporate Clubs operating under the same rules and regulations as Community Clubs. As a Board we felt the playing fields are not level for fair competition.




 “ASA Members are encouraged to submit more points to be investigated by the Ad Hoc Committee. Everyone’s co-operation in this investigation will be highly appreciated.”