In a move aimed at bringing inconsistencies in the constitution into line, the Board of Athletics South Africa has recommended the scrapping of Clauses relating to Super Clubs at national and provincial levels.




Reference is made to Clause 1.34 which reads: ‘National Super Club - A national athletics club established by ASA’ and Clause 1.35, which reads: ‘Provincial Super club - A provincial athletics club established by a provincial member of ASA.’




The Board in their deliberations noted that the Clauses are in conflict with the principles upon which the ASA Constitutions are based.




They noted that the said Clauses are the only ones in the ASA Constitution referring to a Super Club with no further Rules or Regulations to define a Super Club.




The recommendation of the Board will be tabled at the next ASA Council to either endorse or disagree on the scrapping of the mentioned Clauses, as the power to do so lies with this chamber.




 “What we are doing as a Board is ensuring that we re-align the governance of ASA to make the federation and its provinces to function easier,” said Aleck Skhosana, the President of ASA.




“It is the opinion of the Board that a club should serve the local community and should be accessible to the local community as defined in the ASA Domestic Rules Chapter 2 which deals with eligibility.




“That Chapter says that an athletics club is a social order of people, from a local community, who are dedicated to athletics and the support thereof.”