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Summary of Insurance Cover for Permanently Licensed Athletes

  • Death R25 000
  • Permanent disability R25 000
  • Temporary Total disability R200 per week with a waiting period of 1 week and a maximum cover of 104 weeks (2 years)
  • Medical Expenses Actual expense incurred to a limit of R15 000

Please note that this cover is NOT a replacement for individual medical aid.

Cover is restricted to sanctioned athletic events only, organised by Athletics South Africa and/or its affiliates and 2 hours before and 2 hours after a sanctioned event.

Cover also includes training activities.

When a claim is submitted please ensure that the claim form (below) is completed in full.

The relevant supporting documentation MUST accompany the claim to avoid the claim payment being delayed or rejected.

This may include the following:

  • Race referee’s report
  • Race doctor’s report
  • Hospital/ Doctor receipts
  • Police report (in the case where an athlete is knocked down)
  • Signed Death Certificate (in the case of a death claim)
  • Bank details form

We wish all of you a pleasant and enjoyable running year.