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ASA Happy with Inaugural Speed Series

Photo: BackTrack Sports

Athletics South Africa has expressed joy on the inaugural ASA Speed Series which ended on Wednesday, describing it as a total success.

The series made of four legs, were held in Durban, Mangaung, Potchefstroom and Johannesburg.

“This has been a huge success for us,” pronounced Aleck Skhosana, the President of ASA. “We set out to provide great competition for our athletes and coaches, and they rose to the occasion.

“We are happy that even though this was a maiden series, we achieved our primary target of introducing athletes to the public here at home and also affording athletes the opportunity of needed competition.”

Skhosana said the ASA Family will learn from this project and improve on all areas that need attention. Looking back, he said there were many good moments which give hope for South African athletics this year.

There were also challenging ones, he admitted, which he said will be used as valuable lessons for when this series returns next year, insisting that the ASA Family has to up standards delivery in some areas of concern.

“We must be proud of the positives that came from the new approach by ASA to competition with relation to governance and to performance standards.

“So early in the season, we have been witnesses to the tumbling of world, African and national records on South African soil by our athletes. What else can you ask for?

“It’s a pretty situation right now because at this time of the season, we have at least five South Africans who have dipped under 10 seconds and we expect more.”

The ASA President said these success stories in and outside the Speed Series are inter-linked with what happens throughout the athletics fraternity at Provinces and national, where he says everyone was now on the same target of putting South Africa first.

He pointed out to the great performances during the Speed Series where individual athletes, including those from other countries, who have achieved various qualifying standards and Personal Bests.

“It means we are doing something good when other countries choose South Africa for credible competition when they could have gone elsewhere.

“We are particularly happy with the performances in the relays where the young athletes have shown incredible performances and we congratulate all athletes plus their coaches for all the good work done so far in the season.”

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